What is a team Manager?

A team Manager is a voluntary position filled by a parent to organize the sideline activities for the parents.  ie snacks, drinks, hotels, players cards, team player books. Not the answer you were hoping for or have other questions?

What is a guest player?

A guest player is a player that is registered with US Club Soccer and is already on a team roster but wants to play, or has been invited to play as a guest for a tournament or friendly.  Said player is often from another club looking for more playing time or may fill the role

Why do we need a players card?

If another team has a dispute on a player’s age or questions that they are not the player in question, the team manager must produce a players card for each player at registration and have it at each game during a tournament.  You also need a card to be a guest player for another team.

What is a players card?

A players card is a card issued by US Club Soccer that certifies that they have seen your players birth certificate and verified their age to play in the age group they are playing in.  In short, it is their ID card, much like a drivers license. Not the answer you were hoping for or