Offside explained.

As a parent watching my boys come up through the Y program the term “offside” was thrown out at seemingly random times when my sons team was about to score.  Our team mates were in the perfect spot and the ref robbed us of our chance!  I was so frustrated at this random cruelty doled out by the ref.  So I had to educate myself.  There are some nuances that still escape me from time to time but in its simplest form the offside rule, or Law 11, is very simple and it is to prevent an attacker from “hanging out” at the opponents goal and waiting for the pass.  This video is to help those observers like me, who don’t understand the rule.  It also helps you rebut onlookers  from yelling, quite obnoxiously, “OFFSIDE!” during the game.   There are countless other videos that might also help, one only need to search for other videos on youtube.

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