Registration should be completed prior to attending evaluations and/or practices.


1. Register each player with Warner Soccer.

Each player must register with Warner Soccer in order to be placed on a roster as well as a payment plan.
Registration can be completed here .
Why am I registering with Warner Soccer?
Warner Soccer is a full time, full service soccer education company based out of Tallahassee, FL.  The TASA Board has contracted with Warner Soccer to manage our Soccer Club and Coaching Staff.  Warner Soccer is responsible for all player registration, billing, communication and soccer education.
What program should I register for?
When you setup your account and go to select  a program you’ll be presented with a multitude of options.  The program you’ll need is as follows:tasa_2017_program_on_blue_sombrero
When / How do I get uniforms?
After a completed registration with Warner Soccer you’ll receive an email confirming enrollment in the program.  The completed registration puts into motion the process that will generate your uniform order.  Once the processes are complete you’ll receive an email from with information about the uniforms along with your assigned number.  Provided in the email is a customized link to where you can purchase your players uniform.  The order will reflect your players assigned number and there is no need for you to customize anything.  Order your uniforms as soon as possible as the wait time is extended due season starting nation wide.

2. All players fill out the following required forms.

Form can be completed here. This is a form you will fill out online, at completion a copy will be automatically downloaded to your computer and a copy emailed to our Club Manager.

3. Sign up for Text Alerts

The simplest way for TASA to communicate with you is via text.  After you've registered go ahead and sign up for the Remind101 group.  Instructions can be found here.

You are leaving TASA's website to register with Warner Soccer.

If you have NEVER played TASA, find instructions here on how to register.

If you are a returning player log into and select the program that says TASA Fall or Spring and the year.

Proceed to registration "HERE" (redirect to

If you have not filled out the medical waiver and US CLUB soccer form, you will need to fill out the forms here. (Click the word here in blue)