ASG Spring Classic results and Club Updates

Tournament results ASG Spring Classic 2018

U8/U9 Girls Von Hellens in a U10 Bracket 0-8, 0-7 Missing team members and a very new team with only 5 weeks of training together but coming along nicely, Coach Erik, doing a great job.  This team will compete as a U10 again next year which is exciting.  I see great promise in this group.  We could have put some of the U10 that played U11 down on this team if we wanted to win but the goal was to keep the U11 team together since they had played this whole season together.

U9/U10 Boys Chastain in a U10 Bracket 1-7, 3-2, 0-4. Hats off to Coach Chastain.  He had 14 players and found playing time for all of them.  This truly shows his commitment to the future and not just the here and now.  Half this team are very new to TASA and developing nicely.  The plans are for the older boys to move to the U12 bracket with McGhins boys next fall.  I know without a doubt if Jason focused on the here and now he would have won his bracket.  However, playing all his players and focusing on the future he did not make it to the finals.  Lost the battle but will win the war.

U10/U11 Girls Maroney/Coffee in a U12 Bracket 1-1, 0-1, Awesome result, Need all players at practice as much as possible.  Wow, missing the final in a U12 bracket by one goal.  Awesome!  The other teams allowed 5 goals and 3 goals which means our defense is strong.  We only allowed 2 goals.  Will focus on attacking strategies next season, and also still be in a U12 bracket! The future will be exciting!

U11 Boys McGhin, in U12 bracket 2-1, 1-4, 1-1  The bracket finished with point leaders being 9 (Mcghin) 10, and 11 for first place. VERY tight Bracket, one point would have made a winner!  This team is a U10/11 team with one U12 on it and I suspect will kill the U12 bracket next year. After talking with Coach he said the boys played Lights out and just had some inexperience mistakes on defense and just couldn’t capitalize on chances in the face of goal.

U12/U13 Girls Maroney in a U14 Bracket 0-1, 0-0. Great job only allowing one goal, need to work on scoring strategies which we had chances but couldn’t capitalize.  Need players to take practice more serious and train like it’s a game situation.  Overall it was a great day and the team is progressing.  Players played new positions and did very well. Only allowed one goal.  That one goal made the difference of us placing second.  A goal in second game would have made us champs. Very excited for next year when we will be u14.

U12 Boys Moultrie Black, 3-3, 3-1. Took Second Place. The Moultrie black team is developing very well.  They have some new players and some girls playing on this team.  Josh and Marcus are doing a great job with the team.  As they move into 11v11 the Moultrie teams will need the extra players.

U13/U14 Boys Miranda 0-8, 0-3, 0-4, A young team developing nicely, just needs more game time. Coach Miranda doing a great job. It was a tough day for this group.  However, the boys played hard and accomplished what coach Miranda has been working on.  This team was also short players.  This team has a lot of new players as well and are coming along nicely.

U16 Girls Denton in a U18 Bracket 0-1, 0-0, 1-1 only allowed two goals, just couldn’t score.  Should have won all three games, need to work on capitalizing on chances and defensive errors.  Need all players on the team to be at all the games.  I know that if all our team would have been there we would have won this bracket.  It came down to 1 goal.  The two goals scored were because of missing defenders and this threw off the rhythm of the back line.  If we can’t get it out of the back, we can’t create scoring opportunities.  Very close bracket, Great job working together!

U16 Boys Cruz 4-0, 4-0 Tournament Champs, team is playing well, need to recruit more players so we can have subs.  This team has a core group that has played together, and I suspect will be a great team next year.  Coach Cruz did a great job coming in for the mini season and taking these boys to the final.



It is sometimes hard as parents and players to go to tournaments and only see the bad, “WE LOST”.  Keep in mind most of the teams we played, played one of their three games on Friday night.  If we break down the games, and the club as a whole, we are doing exactly what we need to be doing, which is develop players and Coaches.  If we as a club can keep teams and players together, the wins will come, we just need to be patient.  As a player and a parent, you should focus on how your player has developed over the last season and not on how many games they have won or lost.  Also look at how the team has progressed.  Looking forward to next year, all the girl’s teams will compete in the same brackets again, which I suspect they will kill their opponents.  We as a Club cannot focus on just winning, if we do that, we lose focus of the main goal of developing everyone.  I truly believe if all the teams would have had their full rosters we would have won at least 4 more brackets.  Team commitment and practices are hard, but it must be done in order for ALL of us to be successful.  There is NOT one game ever won by one player!  We need everyone at Tournaments and as much practice as possible.  Having enough subs on a HOT day can make a huge difference on who wins and who loses.

As the program director I cannot say thank you enough to the coaches who commit time away from their families to coach their teams.  I truly feel we have the greatest coaches around and see the big picture of making the game of soccer fun and include everyone.  I want to thank Coach Erik Von Hellens/Chris Newmans for stepping in and helping Saturday with the U11 girls since I had to cover the older girl’s games and Jessy Coffee was out of country.

I want to thank you the parents who make their kids interest in soccer a commitment for themselves as well.  I know it is hard running kids all over the place and I thank you for making the commitment to that.

I challenge everyone to bring one additional player to Evals on May 29 and July 26 5:30-7 (2006-2012), 7:00-8:30 2000-2005 on Field D1.  Moultrie evals are on the calendar for May 24.  Details can be found on the calendar and in the blog section of the website.

I am Proud to be Called a TASA Raider!

Official Announcements:

Announcing Edward Foy, the Brookwood Highschool coach will be the Boys technical director for U14 to U18 teams.  He will be joining us in the fall.  These teams are looking to go to 3 days a week practices. Bio found at

Also announcing the hiring of Alyssa Denton former coach of Brookwood and Ohio Valley University.  Alyssa will be the Girls technical director for U14 to u18 teams.  She will be joining us in the fall as well.  These teams will go do a 3 day a week training as well.  Bio found at

We have a new board member, Scott Pittman.  Scott works at Flowers Foods and played TASA when younger.

Moultrie Red team went to State Rec cup where they killed the opposition in all their games and are State Rec cup Champs.  Please congratulate them on their success.

TASA plans on going to State Rec Cup in the fall and the following Spring 2019.

Our Rose City Tournament is Sept 29-30, 2018.

U14-U18 teams will be expected to play in the spring, as well as school ball.  We are expecting this to increase recruiting opportunities because colleges recruit heavily in the spring.  Colleges recruit in the spring because they play ball in the fall.

If playing in college is not your goal, then we will create teams that are more about having fun and playing and not serious about the next level.  TASA’s ultimate goal is to offer both options.


We are working on a new website and should have up sometime during the summer.  A lot of frequently asked questions can be answered in the FAQ section of the website.

I would like for all our parents to sit on the same end of the field as our teams.  Our parents need to sit together!  I hear from most of the players that have left for other clubs that the parents are not as inviting as ours and they don’t feel like a family.

Please take the time to thank your coach for his/her hard work.  (FYI, I walked 5 miles and worked 8:45-3:30 straight on Saturday and burned 2200 calories just coaching 5 games in a row, I have the fitbit data to prove it, LOL).  I tell you this because the coaches can use all the help you can give them.  I also am going to ask that every team have a team Parent, and a Team Manager.  I will post the responsibilities of each position.  If we don’t get a volunteer, we will assign one for each team.

Lastly, if you post something on face book or twitter etc, please add to your post how proud you are of the team.  Point out at least one other player that you thought has improved and or done well.  I see posts from other clubs and all I see is how their player played great, and how many goals their player scored, and how their team is champions etc.  We are in a small community and all the boastful post is bound to offend someone else on the team.  I want you to be proud of your player, I also want you to be proud of the team, the coach, the club and all the work we have done together.  It is often said it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes a community to raise a club!  Be proud of what we are building and pass it on!

Anyone interested in being a coach or referee please get with me, so we can get you started in the process.

Thank you for your time,


Chris Maroney

TASA Program Director

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